Observant, intuitive and possessing of a strong streak for self-reliance, the Xin Chou (辛丑) Day Master also comes blessed with a charming personality that gives you the competitive edge. And more, the Xin Chou Day Master has the potential to be unique, one-of-a-kind, stand out in a crowd. In other words, you dare to be different.


We all know what gold looks like. But how many of us have seen gold in its raw form? This unpolished raw metal in its original form, newly excavated from the ground, unpolished, solid and pure represents your personality. A diamond in the rough.

This is the Xin Chou (辛丑), which brings the gift of uniqueness.

But, wouldn’t you agree that, to the untrained eye, gold in its original form will seem no different from any other piece of rock? So, grab a loupe! Let’s take a closer look.


Xin Chou Bazi
  1. Parked under your Xin Metal Day Master is a resourceful Ji Earth (己) Resource star. This star brings the gift of astute perception, sharp observation, swift thinking, and the ability to be a great ‘life learner’.  Seated on your resource star also signifies that resource is abundant in your life. This is where the Xin Chou can be very self-reliant. However, please understand that self-reliance is not about shouldering every hardship that comes your way.
  2. Instead, when your Ji Earth (己) Resource Star produces your Xin Metal (辛) Companion star, this brings about an inherent appreciation for your own self-worth, self-expression and self-acceptance. In other words, this represents your high level of self-confidence. You dare to be different! Raw gold knows its own worth. It doesn’t care if the untrained eye recognizes it or not. This sense of self-acceptance is the one thing that differentiates the Xin Chou from all the other Xin variants. With your self-confidence bolstered by this rooted Friend star, the Xin Chou has the potential or the ability, to create a unique identity for yourself which helps you stand out of the crowd.
  3. Your Gui Water (癸) Output star gives you the capacity for fluid imagination, creativity, innovation, and inventiveness.


Given this level of self-confidence, the Xin Chou (辛丑) Day Master will typically present with a friendly and magnetic personality. You love meeting new people, and you enjoy magnetizing new friends into your life. After all, the Xin Metal is the star of networking!

All your relationships are meaningful to you. But for those lucky enough to get into your inner circle, they will find in you, a true and loyal friend who is genuinely protective and supportive.

(Side note: From a physical point of view, Xin Chou ladies are usually graceful, slender, and drop dead gorgeous.)


Be careful that strong sense of loyalty. It can be both an asset and a liability. Be careful to what or to whom you gift this loyalty to.

Staying loyal in a situation that is emotionally or mentally damaging will erode anyone’s self-confidence, but the Xin Chou is particularly vulnerable to this. Because when the negative thinking turns inwards, you literally end up attacking yourself.

And where would all that self-criticism get you? Absolutely nowhere.


So how can we maximize the uniqueness of the Xin Chou? I have a few of suggestions.

Learn To Be Observant

Crafting and carving raw gold into a thing of beauty that is universally admired requires time, effort, precision, and yes, discipline. One wrong move could shatter the ore and ruin the value of the precious metal. But in the hands of an expert craftsman, the Xin Metal’s inner glow becomes apparent for all to see. But before the craftsman begins to wield his tools, the first thing he does… is observe. He looks at the natural contours of the metal, its inherent shape and feels its potential.

This level of observation can be learnt, especially if you are a Xin Chou Day Master. It’s about learning to trust your intuition with regards to the people that come your way, learning to pick up non-verbal cues to discern who will have a positive impact in your life and vice versa.

This skill is particularly important for the Xin Chou, which leads us to the second suggestion…

Surround Yourself with The Right Friends

Surround yourself with the friends who contribute positively to your self-esteem will greatly enhance your ability to be self-reliant.

And Finally, Learn the Rewards Of Mental Discipline

Into each life, a little rain must fall. For each Metal Day Master, a little Fire is needed to mould and shape. With resource so easily available to the Xin Chou Day Master, learning the rewards of mental discipline will help maximize the use of the resources at hand.

Discipline is like a muscle. It can be trained. But again, don’t get me wrong. This is not about being hard on yourself. It’s not about forcing yourself to work crazy hours. In this case, it is about learning to see the big picture and exercise restraint in adversity. In other words, it’s about tampering the overcritical and impatient side of the Xin Metal.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

Are you a Xin Chou Day Master? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


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