Imagined as ice or snow, the Gui Chou (癸丑) or Water Ox pillar is unique, like how every snowflake is literally different and unique. By this, I mean the actual, real, literal snowflakes… not the present-day derogatory slang that describes a person who is overly sensitive!


I think one of the best (and certainly most entertaining) way to give a quick overview of the Gui Chou (癸丑) or Water Ox Day Master would be to reference Princess Elsa from the hit animation movie Frozen!

Like Elsa, the Gui Chou Day Master will frequently come across as cold and stand-offish. You keep people at arms-length. But beneath that Ice Queen (or Ice King) exterior, beats a warm and loving heart only glimpsed by those fortunate enough to penetrate through your icy armour.


In the Gui Chou (癸丑) or Water Ox pillar, this Gui (癸) Day Master is rooted and sits on the storage of your Resource Star which is represented by the Metal element. When the overall conditions of the Bazi Chart support this formation, we see this as someone who is comfortable in their own skin, secure in their unique identity, a law unto themselves.

  1. The energy of this pillar begins with the hidden Ji Earth (己) Influence star. Given the innate resources of the Ji Earth (己), the Gui Chou (癸丑) or Water Ox Day Master will usually be mavericks who prefer to learn things through your own efforts. From your point of view, the learning process is something deeply personal and should, ideally, happen unfettered by someone else’s opinions. This Ji Earth (己) Influence Star is also responsible for a large swath of your perfectionistic attitude. There is a strong drive for excellence here, something that you demand from yourself and others.
  2. Your Ji Earth (己) Influence star produces your Xin Metal (辛) Resource star. Within this pillar, the Xin Metal manifests as your methodical and meticulous approach to life in general. You believe in accuracy. Everything must be just so!
  3. Lastly, your Xin Metal (辛) Resource star produces or strengthens both your Gui Water (癸) Day Master and Companion element. This relationship further adds to your independent nature. You neither need nor expect much external help. Instead, you are willing to work hard to distinguish yourself and realize your ambitions for success.   


The same drive for excellence described in your strengths could also become your Achilles heel. You put unnecessary pressure on yourself and when things don’t go as expected, you risk becoming rash, impetuous and overly critical.

That perfectionistic streak that serves you so well could also be a stumbling block in your journey to success. This usually happens when you cling stubbornly to an idea or ideal, adamant in your wish to prove everyone wrong.

Finally, I rarely write about the health aspects of Bazi. That’s because I believe that matters of physical health should best be left to the doctors and scientists. However, I shall make an exception in this case. The Gui Chou (癸丑) is vulnerable to health issues. This happens when the Gui Water (癸) melts into the Ji Earth (己) and becomes contaminated. Typically, this manifests as potentially illnesses of the lungs like influenza and pneumonia. Given the Covid-19 global pandemic, I urge you to be extra careful with your health.

There is a theory that famed Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang was a Gui Chou Day Master. When he reached his Fire Luck Pillar, the Gui Water melted into the Ji Earth, which accounted for his untimely death due to tuberculosis. Interesting theory of course, but unconfirmed. We have no way to check Zhuge Liang’s Bazi Chart. He was born in 181 AD! He may have simply worked himself to an early grave by over-exertion, working desperately to keep the Shu-Han dynasty intact with a feckless emperor Liu Shan at the helm (son of Liu Bei).


That icy armour of yours can also be your biggest vulnerability. The Gui Chou (癸丑) or Water Ox Day Master is a very private and reserved person. In a modern-day society that gravitates towards the noisy extrovert, this could be one of the reasons why you don’t receive much external support.


Recognizing the cold exterior you present to the world, becoming Gui Chou (癸丑) but better simply means allowing the world to see you for who you really are – that unique and intelligent person with a caring soul.

You could also open yourself to the spiritual side of life. By fostering a stronger connection with the universe and learning to trust your intuition, you can still remain true to yourself but with the added advantage of a positive outlook. With just that one small advantage, you can create miracles.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

Want to find out if you have the Gui Chou pillar somewhere in your chart? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


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