Disciplined, independent, dependable, and accountable, the Wealth Structure is also an easy one where side gigs are concerned. All we need to do is to leverage on your awesome ability to make things happen. In your hands, projects are inevitably delivered on time and on budget. Therefore, becoming project planners, virtual assistants, financial consultants are some of the ideas for the Wealth Structure.

However, there is one caution. It is normal for the Wealth Structure people to under-value your superpower – that awesome organizational talent. Why? Because it comes so easy that you assume everyone else can do it too.

First, Plot Your Bazi Chart

  1. Plot your Bazi Chart:
  2. Please key in your Date and Time of Birth by using the Western Gregorian calendar (basically, whatever date and time is written in your Birth Certificate or Identity Card).
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and, using the graph, identify your strongest Structure and Element.

Suitable Side Gigs For The Wealth Structure

Keyword: Manage

A Wealth Structure that is of the Wood Element is a natural multi-tasker. Since you are so good at juggling multiple balls in the air, a stint as a virtual assistant may be just the thing for you.

Fire is all about transformations. If your Wealth Structure is Fire, any side gig that involves managing transformation or change could be something that you can consider.

Earth, on the other hand, talks about abundance and consistency. With an Earth Wealth Structure, you are the rock upon which others lean upon to get things done. Consider exploring gigs such as project planners that require long-tail planning. Basically, your projects should ideally last more than a few months instead of quick flashes here and there.

Metal is the element of responsibility. Metal is also the element representing finance. If your strongest structure happens to be the Wealth Structure which is of the Metal Element, becoming a financial consultant or debt-restructuring/management consultant may be the right fit for you.

Wealth Structures that are of the Water Element has a talent for sniffing out money and opportunities. Because of that, fund-raising side gigs may work well for you.

Important Caveat

Please remember that these are broad recommendations only. I am hoping to inspire you. These suggestions are certainly not definitive.

Coming up in the next post: the Wealth Structure.


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