It’s spring time! In Bazi, while the Tiger (寅) Branch heralds the coming of spring, the Rabbit (卯) Branch governs the month when spring is in full bloom. The gentle breeze is fragrant with the perfume of flowers. Bees buzz busily from bloom to bloom. See that field of dandelions? That is the Yi Mao (乙卯) or Wood Rabbit pillar.  


Pretty as a flower! Yi Wood (乙) Day Masters are generally blessed with a certain degree of physical attractiveness. But in the case of the Yi Mao (乙卯) or Wood Rabbit, the striking Yi Wood is literally sitting on a Peach Blossom star (the Rabbit or Mao Branch is one of the four Bazi Peach Blossom stars). What does it mean exactly? Likability x100!

Graced with a pleasant and agreeable personality, you – the Yi Mao (乙卯) or Wood Rabbit Day Master – is usually found in the centre of a crowd. Just like that field of flowers, you are usually surrounded by people.


Yi Wood (乙) Day Masters are typically sociable, good-natured and well-liked. This trait is further amplified in the Yi Mao (乙卯) or Wood Rabbit pillar which sits on the Thriving stage within the 12 Growth Phases.

Deeply rooted in your Yi Wood (乙) Companion element, the Yi Mao (乙卯) or Wood Rabbit Day Master is the ultimate networker. You enjoy working, playing, and living cooperatively with others. And best of all, you carry a warm and convivial atmosphere with you everywhere you go. Being with you is just… well, nice!

Just that one gift alone draws many noble people into your life. The Yi Mao is literally born to connect with people. And when you do, you will find that you are never short of helpful people in your life.

The Mao (卯) or Rabbit Branch further attracts the Xu (戌) or Dog Branch into your Chart. The Xu (戌) or Dog Branch brings along your Wu Earth (戊) Wealth star which brings some much-needed stability to the Yi Mao Day Master.

Even better, the Xu Branch is the storage for your Ding Fire (丁) Output element. This all-important Ding Fire (丁) represents the spark of your intelligence and creativity. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the Xu Branch existing within your Natal Bazi Chart. Activating the role of the Ding Fire (丁) simply requires the intentional use of your native creativity and ability to think out of the box.

Finally, hidden deep within the Yi Mao (乙卯) or Wood Rabbit is a deeply-rooted self-belief. For all your niceness, the Yi Mao is, actually, quite individualistic.


Let’s go back to our field of dandelions. See how they sway with every little puff of the wind? That is the biggest vulnerability of the Yi Mao (乙卯) or Wood Rabbit pillar. Because you are constantly surrounded by people, also because you are such a nice person, you are wont to be easily influenced by their opinions.

Someone says turn left; another says turn right; a third says best to U-turn. End result? You are so lost you don’t even know where the end destination is!

People are your biggest asset. They are also your biggest liability. The trick to turn this around is to make sure you listen to those who really know what they are talking about. Otherwise, you may find yourself literally spinning in the wind!

Furthermore, while the Yi Mao (乙卯) attracts the Xu (戌) or Dog Branch, it also simultaneously repels the You (酉) or Rooster Branch. Both these animal signs carry your Xin Metal (辛) Influence Star. This push-pull relationship with the Xin Metal (辛) is best described as passive-aggressive tendencies that you must learn to manage, to maintain healthy relationships with the many people in your life. Otherwise, you may find that even though you are always surrounded by people, but the faces are constantly changing. People come in and out of your life, sometimes without leaving even the smallest of imprint.


People are drawn to you for your amiable nature. Somehow, even without meaning to, you project an air of subtle vulnerability. People love to take care of you! What a great asset! Be discerning with that power, and you will be going places.


Lastly, a suggestion to create an indomitable Yi Mao (乙卯) Day Master is to learn better planning skills. Guided by a solid plan of your own making, you will be less inclined to be side-tracked by other people’s suggestions.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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