Among the Wu Day Masters, the Wu Chen (戊辰)  is the true all-rounder! This pillar carries a natural aura of nobility and aristocracy.

The picture that the Wu Chen evokes is that of a gentle pastoral scene. Think lush emerald green hills below a bright blue sky decorated with wisps of white cloud. Think of a mountain that clothes itself in a green cloak, hiding behind the mist. It is peaceful; it is resourceful; and yes, NICE!

You got it, the best way to describe a Wu Chen Day Master is ‘nice’! This pillar reflects an individual who is intelligent, well-educated, gentle and generally, amicable.

But be warned! This mountain is no pushover! Beneath that niceness lies real strength. Let’s dive straight into that.


So what’s special about this Day Master? While not a true Fui Gong or Bright Star pillar, the nobility of the Wu Chen puts it right up there with the special four. Basically, these pillars represent hardy, multi-talented and very capable individuals. The Wu Chen is nicer, though. Benign but tough!

In the case of the Wu Chen, what does that hardiness mean? It means that, in spite of all its niceness, this pillar, which is rooted in the Branch possesses extraordinary determination and is able to withstand a lot of pain in order to triumph against adversities.


In the Wu Chen, we find a multi-talented pillar that is rooted and sits on its own Wealth, Officer and Companion.

The Wu Earth Companion Star brings self-assurance to the table. The Yi Wood Officer Star brings a gift of diplomacy while the Gui Water Direct Wealth is perceptive, quick, curious and hard-working. Put them together and we have a Day Master who is capable of not just careful planning but also massive action.

At the same time, although you retain much of the Wu Earth’s attributes for calmness and stability, the Wu Chen is the most flexible among the Wu Earth Day Masters. Like the rolling hills you represent, you have a gentle and persuasive manner that will be a boon when it comes to dealing with different types of people.

Additionally, what we have here is a controlling cycle where the Yi Wood Officer Star controls the Wu Earth Companion Star which in turn controls the Gui Water Direct Wealth. Translated to plain English? It represents the self-restraint and self-possession that is a natural part of the Wu Chen Day Master.

What’s missing in this pillar is the element of Fire to support the Wu Earth. Luckily, there is a hidden combination within the pillar itself. The Gui and Wu combines to create Fire. When the Officer Star and the Resource Star co-produce each other, this is where that aura of Nobility comes from. This Fire is very important for the Wu Chen. We’ll talk about that a little later. But first, let’s cover some of this pillar’s vulnerabilities.


There is a certain dichotomy to your nature, especially where your friends are concerned. While sociable, you will find there are times when you just want to be left alone. Extremely independent by nature, you are driven by a compulsion for constant evolution. The Wu Chen pillar carries tremendous potential, though sometimes you may not be able to recognize your own capacity. People who know you well could often be puzzled by your deep-seated insecurities, your sensitivity to critique, especially given the many talents that you have.

But in all honesty, this is a ‘weakness’ in name only. It can be easily fixed. Which leads us to…


Equip Yourself With Quality Education

The Wu Chen Day Master is a visionary who is extremely sensitive, intuitive and creative. Gifted with strong communication skills, the most important thing for a Wu Chen Day Master is to ensure that you are equipped with quality education. This will result in an individual who is both idealistic and observant, articulate and methodical.

Keep Evolving, Learning And Improving

If you know that insecurity can become a potential stumbling block for you, then make a conscious effort to keep evolving, learning and improving. The Wu Chen loves academia, anyway. So let’s use that trait to turn a weakness into a strength.

Fire! See The Funny Side Of Life

Remember how I said earlier that Fire is an important element to this pillar? Basically, we need to allow the Wu Earth-Gui Water combination to happen. How to do that? Easy! All you need to do is to develop the ability to see the funny side of life, to laugh gently at your own foibles and those of others.

Remember, The Wu Chen likes to control its environment. That’s a pretty stressful ‘want’. Sometimes, things happen that are really out of our control. This is where a finely-honed sense of humour can help you keep your perspective.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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