As one of the four Fui Gong pillars, the Wu Xu is just as tough and hardy as any one of the other three. It’s one stand-out characteristic? Straightforwardness.


What happens when you stack two mountains on top of each other? It calls to mind someone well-grounded, stable, and determined. That’s exactly the image that the Wu Xu (戊戌) pillar creates. The classical texts describe the Wu Xu as an edgy and rocky mineral mountain, tough on the outside, passionate on the inside.

It sounds unattractive, I know. But there is a stark beauty in the Wu Xu.

Let’s think about this for a second. If we were to describe the Wu Xu as a dormant volcano, what comes to mind is a hard-surfaced mineral mountain dotted with craters. This same edgy look creates a Day Master who is just as edgy and straightforward.


There are abilities aplenty in the Wu Xu. Seated on your own Direct Resource, Friend and Hurting Officer stars, this Day Master is ably supported by the drive of your Ding Fire Direct Resource Star, the practical determination of its Wu Earth Friend Star, and the subtle magnetism conveyed by your Xin Metal Hurting Officer star.

  1. Your Ding Fire (丁) Resource Star brings the gift of ambition, rationality and objectivity. Bolstered by your Ding Fire Resource star, the Wu Xu naturally wants to achieve something substantial. You have a fine grasp of details and you are a firm believer of learning by experience. In fact, the Wu Xu naturally likes knowledge. To be more specific, the Wu Xu likes to hoard knowledge.
  2. The more knowledgeable you are, the more self-confident you become – as seen by how your Ding Fire Resource Star produces your Wu Earth (戊) Day Master and Companion star. Proud and alert, this Companion star brings a natural flair for leadership, aided by your willingness to listen to opposing points of view. For all your toughness and straight talking, you enjoy working in a congenial atmosphere and will have little patience with pettiness and power plays.
  3. Finally, your Xin Metal (辛) Output star brings a desire for recognition. The gift of straightforwardness? It lies here. In the eyes of the Wu Xu, telling truth to power is the best way to deal with any situation. Beating around the bush is merely a waste of precious time and resources. Being the hardy person you are, you honestly believe that coddling is bad for your health and tough love is the only love that matters. The Wu Xu will never be the person who lives in denial.

But remember, the truth may be powerful, it can also be painful…


For the Wu Xu Day Master, your biggest challenge is learning to tell the truth in a way that is more acceptable to your audience.

Additionally, when you put two mountains together into a single pillar, your first instinct will be to hoard information. The Wu Xu will have the tendency to dole out information piece by piece on a need-to-know basis. The problem here, though, is that it often creates an aloof exterior where trust is hard to come by. Because people sense that you are holding back! That you are being reticent on purpose.

Which leads us to…


The Wu Xu typically presents with a steely, stoic, almost aloof persona. This is something that the Wu Xu Day Master must always be aware of. Whether or not you intend to ‘fix’ this aloof persona, is up to you. By now, surely you would have figured out a way to make the aloofness work for you.

But beneath that steely exterior…

… lies a soft inner core that the Wu Xu would protect at all costs. The Wu Xu is intuitive by nature and as a result, can be rather sensitive to criticism. The best way around this is for the Wu Xu Day Master to develop a more rational perspective and cultivate a deep inner faith in your abilities.


With great power comes great responsibilities. Life is frequently less easy or smooth sailing for someone with so many abilities. Such is the journey for the Wu Xu. A life full of challenges that only you can tame. In Bazi consults, when we see a Fui Gong pillar like the Wu Xu, we know that this person is destined for great achievements. All you need to do, is cast away those self-doubts and learn to reframe (not silence) your own internal critic.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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