The setting sun reflected off the snowy mountain caps - that's the evocative picture presented by the Bing Xu (丙戌)

The selfless magnanimity of the Bing Fire coupled with the steadfast abundance of Wu Earth, the Bing Xu (丙戌) is all about the gift of generosity.


For those of us who have been privileged to visit the Alps, there is a unique sunset phenomenon called Alpenglow. The sun is nowhere on the horizon, yet the white-capped mountains are illuminated with a rosy tinge. It’s a picture that is evocative, mystical, and yes, romantic. This phenomenon, the Alpenglow, is the very picture presented by the Bing Xu pillar.

There is a delightful child-like innocence about the Bing Xu and how they get so excited with new ideas and experiences. Usually optimistic, typically intelligent, but sometimes a little too emotional, the Bing Xu is loaded with gifts aplenty. You just need to learn some flexibility.


  1. The energies of the Bing Xu (丙戌) or Fire Dog begins with your Bing Fire (丙) Day Master and your Ding Fire (丁) Companion star. The Bing Fire Day Master is often described as someone magnanimous, giving, selfless, and generous. Positive, consistent, and loyal to a fault, toiling for the greater good is where the Bing Xu will truly excel.
  2. Seated on your own Wu Earth (戊) Output star, this Bing Fire’s natural giving nature is augmented by a strong sense of innocence and creativity. Here is your romantic soul, your rich fantasy life. This is the one that gives you such great depth of vision. Of the 60 Jia Zi pillars, here is the dreamer.
  3. But before you label the Bing Xu as a snowflake, let me stop you right there. Your Xin Metal (辛) Wealth star – shrewd, analytical, practical, and most of all precise – is there to turn dreams into practical reality.

Put them all together, the Bing Xu (丙戌) or Fire Dog Day Master easily combines artistic flair with precise organizational skills. This is a pillar with a lot to give.


Relationships are very important for you, the Bing Xu (丙戌) Day Master. Let’s face it, you like to be popular. Luckily for you, people are literally drawn to your magnetic personality. They feel that deep compassion in you and it is normal for the Bing Xu to be the rock that everyone leans on.


If there was one weakness of the Bing Xu pillar, it is a particular resistance to sudden change. First, we have this persistent and routine-loving Bing Fire. This Bing Fire is anchored by a solid and unmovable Wu Earth that craves security. How flexible do you think the Bing Xu can be? In traditional Bazi, this formation is called the Sun Trapped In Earth Net.

But this is not a vulnerability that causes big concerns. There is a plus side to it. The innate positivity of the Bing Fire, coupled with the sheer persistence of this particular Day Master, allows the Bing Xu to recover quickly from any setbacks. Like the sun rising on the horizon every day, the routine-loving Bing will be back to tackle the obstacles again and again and again.


For this reason, Bing Fire individuals are always advised to regularly review their plans to make sure that the battles they are fighting are still relevant to their goals. In other words, don’t fight just for the sake of fighting.

In a world that is often dominated by the poverty mindset, the Bing Xu is naturally clued in on the benefits of generosity. Social scientists have long found that people who generously give their time, money and abilities are healthier, happier and more confident that those who do not. Being generous is a gift that keeps on giving, benefitting not just the receiver but also the giver. It prevents depression, makes you more socially networked and physically active. And there is strong neurological science behind that discovery. Acting generously causes neurochemical changes in the brain that brings out the pleasure response and create an upward spiral for the giver.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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