this piThe real Excalibur, a sword embedded in stone, its powers and toughness, waiting to unleash.

All Geng Metal (庚) Day Masters are tough. You know that. I know that. Meet the toughest of ‘em all… the Geng Xu (庚戌), also known as the Metal Dog. If at all, this pillar would be the real Excalibur, a sword embedded in stone, its powers and toughness, waiting to unleash.


Tough on the outside and inside, the sword represented by the Geng Xu (庚戌) pillar is the hardest of the 60 Jia Zi. The very characteristics of this pillar can be interpreted as an individual who is possesses both mental and physical strength, stamina and endurance.

It’s easy to recognize a Geng Xu (庚戌·) Day Master. This Geng Metal is tough and proud. Sitting on its Earth Resource Star, it is also resourceful and unyielding.

Enough with the generalities. Let’s delve into the make-up of this fascinating pillar.


The first thing to note is that this Geng Day Master is firmly rooted. Of course, technically, we prefer if a Yang stem is rooted on another Yang stem. But in this case, the Geng Xu is rooted in its Xin Metal (辛) companion star, which in turn, is firmly embedded into the rocks. Not easy to dislodge this Xin Metal.

At the same time, it also sits on Fire Storage which continually tempers and moulds the Day Element. Now, at this point, please note that I described this pillar as ‘tough’. Nowhere did I say that the Geng Xu is rude or crass. On the contrary, the Geng Xu Day Master can be very pleasant and diplomatic, in spite of their natural ruthlessness and aggressiveness.

  1. The flow of Qi within this pillar begins with the Ding Fire (丁) Direct Officer star. Here is the spark of courage of conviction and confidence that burns deep within the Geng Xu Day Master.
  2. Seated on its Wu Earth (戊) Indirect Resource, the Geng Xu is at once intuitive and extremely self-willed. Words like ‘submissiveness’ and ‘compliance’ will be foreign or even nonexistent in this Geng Xu’s vocabulary. This Day Master knows that nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved without an equivalent amount of effort. With the support of this Wu Earth Resource Star, the Geng Xu has the mental and physical strength to take on any challenges and handle any hardship in pursuit of their goals.
  3. The meticulous nature of the Xin Metal (辛) Rob Wealth star brings big ambitions and yes, a degree of ruthlessness to the Geng Xu. At the same time, this Xin Metal companion star can also bring a rebellious streak to the Geng Xu pillar. While some may instinctively slap a negative label on a rebel, I believe this can be a strength as it helps the Geng Xu stay defiant in the face of limitations.


Like many of the other Day Masters seated on the Xu Branch, the Geng Xu will also crave material security. I’m not saying that the Geng Xu is materialistic, but this Day Master will tend to worry about money.

Additionally, this Day Master has zero defences against boredom. Even the sturdiest axe will rust if it is not continually in use. The sharpest blade will turn dull when it is not sharpened regularly. When a Geng Xu Day Master is bored out of his or her skull, depression may ensue or worse they may even get themselves into trouble unnecessarily.

A great example of this weakness can be seen in the recent trials and tribulations of a famous Geng Xu Day Master, Tiger Woods. We have all seen his strengths. We have all seen how he (politely) decimated his competitors on the golf course. We have also seen the scandals he got himself into once he retired!

Does it seem to you like the two Geng Xu weaknesses I’ve outlined so far seem to be rather trivial? If you constantly worry about money, then make more money! If you cannot abide boredom, then find something constructive to do!

This next weakness, however, may be the Geng Xu’s biggest flaw. Notice how most of my other posts are written in the active voice while this one is mostly composed in the passive voice? There’s a reason for it. There is a 90% chance that a Geng Xu Day Master will not be reading this article at all. If at all this post is being read, it would be by someone who is curious about a Geng Xu in their lives.

Allow me to explain. The Geng Xu pillar sits on the Wu Earth (戊) Indirect Resource. This Day Master will be naturally drawn to unconventional wisdoms (such as Chinese Metaphysics). Yet at the same time, the Xu will have a silent-push with the Chen (辰) or Dragon which also carries the Wu Earth as its main Qi. So, the Day Master sits on its Indirect Resource, but at the same time, pushes it away. This type of relationship simply means that the Geng Xu will tend to be sceptical about their own powerful intuitions. Learning to trust your instincts may be the biggest lesson you need to learn. 


The Geng Xu Day Master can be very generous about sharing their strengths with anyone within their orbit. However, you will tend to present as domineering, aggressive, ruthless (yes, again) and very out-spoken.

This trait can be a double-edged sword (pardon the pun!). It is a strength when you use your dominant personality to motivate your team to greater heights. It becomes a weakness if you frequently overrule other opinions and leave behind an environment of diminished morale.

This is something for the Geng Xu Day Master to be aware of. The reason is because, you may not even see your behaviour as heavy-handed. But others may do! Once you are conscious of this, you can then call upon the inborn diplomacy of the Geng Xu pillar to smooth things over and build better team consensus. You will need that consensus, which leads us to the next point…


Being Geng Xu (庚戌), But Better requires the consensus I touched briefly on in the previous segment. The Geng Xu is tough, but it actually thrives on love and friendship. This pillar wants to be useful! You could say that sometimes, the Geng Xu may seem domineering simply because they care too much. A Geng Xu without friends and loved ones to serve and protect could easily lose faith in their own abilities.

Therefore, the Geng Xu must learn to build that base. The mountain you sit on must not be shaken. A leader can only lead when people are willing to follow. Therefore, the solution to being Geng Xu (庚戌), But Better is to use your strength, toughness and diplomacy to create a base of followers that you can lead to achieve your biggest dreams.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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