2022 Chinese Zodiac Dog

If you have the Dog zodiac sign in your Bazi Chart, 2022 is going to be the year where you truly acknowledge and embrace your creativity.


By all accounts, 2021 was a blessed year for the Dog. Admittedly, there were some negative stars that signaled external interference as well as a tendency to be a loner, but the Fortune Virtue and Heavenly Virtue were two powerful positive stars with the ability to dissipate the effects. The presence of the Pulling Saddle also meant accelerated growth for you.

Come 2022, all that growth from the previous year is leading you towards a year of creativity.


2022 Chinese Zodiac Dog


Of all the stars in the firmament, the Elegant Seal is the one that truly boosts your creativity. This is the star of the artiste. The one that creates the next bestseller and blockbuster. The Elegant Seal enhances not only your creative abilities, but also your strategizing skills.

However, there is a flip side to the Elegant Seal that you must be aware of. While it does convey an extra dash of charisma, the Elegant Seal also brings about the risk of being too idealistic. If you find yourself suddenly behaving more like a diva… that’s the not-so-nice side of the Elegant Seal coming in to play.

Therefore, using the Elegant Seal to the max requires awareness. Awareness to do what? Awareness to embrace the positive creative side, yet inculcating the emotional maturity to not behave like a diva.

The Dog only has this one single positive star in 2022. I’d use it to the max! Be especially wary of people who come in to flatter your ego. Because…


If the Elegant Seal makes you an artiste for a year, then the presence of the Sky Warrior could be a warning about your ‘entourage’. Of course, every artiste will have their own entourage, right? The Sky Warrior is a warning of potential robbery, theft or generally loss of money. In other words, it pretty much behaves like the Robbery Sha.

With this star, take a closer look at the people you have around you. Are their presence helping you in a real sense? Or are they just there to make you look good and at the same time, take advantage of you?

Now, there is no need to shut yourself away from the world at large! Just be careful about whom you entrust your money or business to.


The White Tiger signifies the presence of petty people and gossip. These may come in the form of flatterers who are out to get something from you by buttering you up. On a side note, the presence of the White Tiger can also denote small injuries – so do be careful if you are handling sharp objects.


Similarly, the Great Sha also denotes the presence of petty people and gossip. This one is asking you to be more conservative and to avoid gambling. Always do your research before you put your money down into any new opportunities. In other words, be conservative! Again, like the White Tiger, the Great Sha also warns of accidents and injuries.


Still on the topic of injuries, the Flying Chaste echoes the warning of being more careful when you handle machinery or knives.


The Yellow Flag warns of the potential for feelings of sadness and depression. I guess this would be the flip side of being an artiste. You may feel like nobody understands you. But again, these are forecasts, they are not predictions that are set in stone. So if you feel that there is a need to seek help, please do!


With only a single positive star in your sector, the best way to thrive in 2022 would be to go all out on your creativity. But you don’t have to do it alone!

  1. If it’s a nobleman you need, the Rabbit has the powerful Great Sun in their sector.
  2. How about someone to bounce your creative ideas with? The Tiger has the Intelligence Star as well as the leadership star in the form of the Grand Duke
  3. If you need authority to help turn your ideas and strategies into reality, then the Horse would be a good sign to partner with.


The Dog Zodiac Sign could potentially fall in your Year, Month, Day, or Hour Pillar. To plot your Bazi chart, please your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.

Year Pillar

The Year pillar governs your interaction with the world – your industry, social networks, friends, and personal branding. If the Dog falls in your Year Pillar, it’s time to showcase your creativity on social media and infuse your personal branding with these traits.

Month Pillar

The Month pillar governs your career and work – your bosses, colleagues, and partners. If the Dog falls in your Month, the Elegant Seal is a great star to have if you happen to be in the creative line as it really amps up your creativity.

For those of you who are not in the creative line (example, accounting), then add more strategic elements into your day-to-day.

Day Pillar

The Day pillar governs your self and your spouse. If the Dog falls in your Day, you can use the presence of the Elegant Seal to ramp up your own personal creativity. 2022 could be the year that you create something that will bring you royalties or future benefits.

Hour Pillar

The Hour pillar governs your thoughts, ideas, ideals and investments. This pillar also represents your children and subordinates.  If the Dog falls in your Hour, 2022 is the year where you elevate, encourage and celebrate creativity with your children or staff.


Now, remember! The Annual Auxiliary Stars make up only 12% to 15% of your Year. It’s just one layer of reading. To understand and create strategies for a successful year ahead, hit me up for a personal consult. Let’s co-create your strategy together and make 2022 your best year yet!


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