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In the study of Bazi, the Geng Metal Day Master (庚) is frequently visualized as a sharp knife, a sword or an axe. If you really were the proverbial axe, let’s imagine what you would need to become the best axe ever! You will need to be forged by Fire; you will need Water and Earth (Stone) to whet and sharpen your keenness; and you will need Wood to be useful. Along comes 2022…


For the Geng Metal Day Master, the 2022 Ren Yin (壬寅) brings a formation much-loved by Bazi practitioners – the Eating God producing Wealth formation! Sounds good already, doesn’t it? It’ll sound even better when I explain.

Given the prominence of the Ren Water (壬) in the 2022 Bazi Chart, Geng Metal Day Masters may find themselves swamped with a tsunami of innovative ideas!

In no time at all, I’ll wager that the action-loving Geng would have converted those sparks of inspiration into an actionable plan. Again, with Wood energies so strong in 2022, it would be a rare Geng Day Master who has not spotted at least 20 opportunities by the end of the first quarter.

Along comes your Bing Fire (丙) Officer star and your Wu Earth (戊) Resource star to remind you not to take on everything yourself. Break down the plan into step-by-step milestones and goals. Get things done one part at a time, logically and methodically.


Sounds a bit vague, I know. So let’s hinge an example around it. Let’s say… your 2022 goal is to start a side gig.

2022 Geng
  1. The Ren Water (壬) Eating God represents the many ideas that will spark this year.
  2. Your Jia Wood (甲) Indirect Wealth is the act of fitting those ideas into the gaps in the market.
  3. Your Bing Fire (丙) Direct Officer helps you lay down the structure and milestones. (For example: Step 1 – get your government permits and statutory sorted; Step 2 – fix your business systems, payment systems, banking systems; Step 3 – nail down the marketing plan… and so on and so forth)
  4. Use your Wu Earth (戊) Direct Resource to help you stabilize and put everything in place before moving on to the next step.

So… Idea to Plan to Structure to Experience/Expertise. Wash-Rinse-Repeat. Stick to consistent action every month. By the time the Rabbit hops along, you would be amazed by how far you have come.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single Day Master.

Are you a Geng Metal Day Master? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


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