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In today’s hyper-connected world, creating a side gig has never been easier. Thanks to technology, we now have the capacity to connect with and serve people from around the globe.

A great way to choose a side gig is to use the strongest element and structure in your Bazi Chart. At this juncture, I must warn you that different practitioners may have differing views on this. Some would choose your ‘Useful God’. Others may go for your ‘Wealth Element’. But for me, I would choose the Strongest Structure and Strongest Element. Why? Because that is your field of maximum return.

But having said that, in an actual consult, this is the point where we will be brainstorming as I outline the various options to see which resonates with you. Is it Useful God? Is it Wealth? Or should it be the strongest Structure and Element?

Are you ready? Let’s begin

First, Plot Your Bazi Chart

  1. Plot your Bazi Chart:
  2. Please key in your Date and Time of Birth by using the Western Gregorian calendar (basically, whatever date and time is written in your Birth Certificate or Identity Card).
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and, using the graph, identify your strongest Structure and Element.

Suitable Side Gigs for the Companion Structure

Regardless of whether you are an extrovert or introvert, people-management skills is part and parcel of the Companion Structure modus-operandi. You have a natural grasp of what people want, what their strengths are, and what their weaknesses may be. I won’t even bother asking you how you do it. You can’t even explain it. You just do. Unfortunately, this exacerbates any extrovert/introvert tendencies you may have. The extrovert becomes more outgoing; while the introvert, having gleaned the essence of what people want, may become withdrawn.

If you are a Companion Structure person, any side gig that involves people may be the right one for you. You could be a broker, middleman, a counsellor, or even a consultant.

Side Gig Keyword: Connect

If your Companion Structure is Wood, consider being a connector or a bridge between communities. You could create a special niche for yourself by just providing service for a particular group of people. Example: rainbow merch for the LGBTQ+ community?

Fire inspires and transforms. If your Companion Structure is Fire, any service or product that inspires joy, transformation, and tech could be right up your ally. Digital transformation consultant, perhaps?

Earth governs stability, security and trust. With Earth as the element of your Companion Structure, being a part of the expert market may be the ticket for you. Rent out your knowledge, reputation and expertise. Alternatively, because Earth seeks stability, being a consultant for insurance, wellness and security could also appeal to you.

If your Companion Structure is the action-taking Metal, you have the potential to create iron-forged relationships with those who work for you. It’s very normal for Metal Day Masters to enjoy decades-long relationships with their clients. So be the missing link. You could focus on services that provide done-for-you solutions (based on your expertise).

Finally, Water is fluid and ever-changing. If your Companion Structure is Water, becoming a strategy consultant or change management consultant may be the right position for you.

Important Caveat

Please remember that these are broad recommendations only. I am hoping to inspire you. These suggestions are certainly not definitive.

Coming up in the next post: the Output Structure.


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