Of the Five Structures, the Output Structure is the easiest when it comes to determining a potential side gig. This is the Ideation Profile. Creative, innovative and eloquent, the Output Structure’s skillset lends itself to a plethora of gigs. Writing, art, creating and curating content, are all ideally suited for the Output Structure.

First, Plot Your Bazi Chart

  1. Plot your Bazi Chart:
  2. Please key in your Date and Time of Birth by using the Western Gregorian calendar (basically, whatever date and time is written in your Birth Certificate or Identity Card).
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and, using the graph, identify your strongest Structure and Element.

Suitable Side Gigs For The Output Structure

Keyword: Create

Given the Wood Element’s ability to diversify, your best bet as an Output Structure with the Wood Element, would be to create as many Intellectual Properties as possible. Always wanted to write an e-book or two? What’s stopping you now?

If your Output Structure is Fire, creating joy may be your thing. I’m talking Happynomics, people! Some ideas for a Fire Output Structure includes becoming a social-media manager, perhaps a motivational speaker, or better yet, turn your cooking skills into dollars by selling your best foods online.

As always, Earth is about stability. With Earth as the element of your Output Structure, creating something that you can build consistently may be the key. You could consider starting a blog or vlog.

If your Output Element is Metal, focus on your masterpiece. Polish that one idea to perfection and then sell it at a high worth. Because it will take time for your masterpiece to come to fruition. But be wary of your perfectionist streak, tho!

Selling your ideas or strategies may just be your calling if your Output Element is Water. But for this idea to work, you really must first learn to brand yourself.

Important Caveat

Please remember that these are broad recommendations only. I am hoping to inspire you. These suggestions are certainly not definitive.

Coming up in the next post: the Wealth Structure.


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