October 2022 Bazi Forecast

From a search for clarity in September, the October 2022 Bazi Chart carries a clarion call for discipline. And along with the Metal Dog month… new opportunities arise for each of the 10 Day Masters.


Every year has its own Bazi Chart, plotted to the exact minute when the Chart changes from one year pillar to another. Similarly, every month has its own Bazi Chart as well. This chart, can also tell a story, albeit within the span of a single month.

The story can be broad as to describe the energies influencing everyone, but at the same time, can be distilled into opportunities and threats for the individuals based on our Day Master. Consider it as tiny tweaks that we can deploy as we pursue our agenda for 2022.


Let’s start with a quick overview. The month chart for October 2022 describes the need to embrace discipline in order to transform our lives. Effecting real change in our lives require discipline. From discarding old habits, to creating new and more positive ones. Implementing new ideas also require discipline. Even the creative endeavours require discipline. What happens when discipline falters? We fall off the wagon.

The focal point of the October 2022 Bazi Chart is the Geng Xu (庚戌) pillar. By itself, the Geng Xu is tough and carries a strong sense of resilience and endurance. It’s also quite an aggressive pillar.

From a pictorial point of view, this is a sword embedded into the rock. Yes, Excalibur! Wielding a sword requires strength, endurance, stamina, and (at the risk of sounding like a broken record), discipline!

But is this discipline welcome? Based on the October 2022 Bazi Chart, the answer is no. The weak Jia Wood Day Master in the Chart, will not enjoy the process of discipline. Yet, it’s time to bite the bullet. Because with this Influence Structure chart comes a call to trim the fat in order to be more streamlined and competitive.

Using the October 2022 Bazi Chart to the fullest will require you to enforce either fiscal, mental, or physical discipline, in order to, find the hidden Wealth opportunities.

But what type of discipline is required? For that, we look at the 10 Day Masters.


Jia Wood Day Masters: Fiscal Discipline

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For the Jia Wood Day Master, the most painful cut required will be to look into your budget and trim off the excess spendings. By this, I don’t mean to turn you into a scrooge. However, there may be some expenses that may not be serving you well anymore. The bottom line is to try to trim the costs so that you become more competitive in the marketplace. This suggestion, of course, is easiest to apply for business owners.

For career professionals, please don’t offer to reduce your salary! Look instead into how you spend your time at work to be more efficient and effective.

Yi Wood Day Masters: Take restrained action

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From planting the seeds for 2023 in September, comes a need to sit down and take the time to plan out your next course of action. The Yi Wood Day Master, being a fast decision-maker, typically enjoys flying by the seat of your pants. However, for this one month at least, ‘crossing that bridge when you come to it’ is not going to fly.

Since the energy of the Geng Xu October month promotes the concept of taking disciplined measures and steps, why not use this opportunity to train your planning muscles?

Bing Fire Day Masters: Making lifestyle changes to capitalize on new ideas or opportunities

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The October 2022 Geng Xu month is a particularly vibrant month for the Bing Fire Day Master. A vibrant month, that is, if you are ready to capitalize on new ideas and opportunities. To do so, some lifestyle changes will need to be made.

You see, coming up with ideas is easy. Turning ideas into reality is the part that requires discipline. So, when we come up with a new idea (especially a money-making idea), a part of our leisure time may need to be sacrificed so that we can act on them. Otherwise, the idea remains nothing but an idea!

But for the Bing Fire Day Masters who are ready and willing to change their lifestyle to accommodate a potential new money-making venture, October is the best month to launch your side gig, new line, product, service, or landing page.

If you are not yet ready, then at least ramp up your observation skills. This is a month of grand visions and grand ideas. Which then leads to the next natural question – what can be trimmed to turn grand ideas into practicable solutions?

Ding Fire Day Masters: Sell your results

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The suggested strategy for September 2022 was to get peer feedback in order to fine tune your plans. Now with the energies of October coming into play, it’s time to invest in a little marketing. If you are in the market for a new career or job posting, this one works best for you – don’t sell your resume, sell your results!

Personal note: as a hiring manager for many years, I must admit that I hate looking at resumes. Because a resume tells me nothing. The candidate who can literally show me what he or she has accomplished, is the one who is going to get my attention.

Similarly for business owners, telling new customers that you work with X, Y or Z company is not enough. You need to show what you have accomplished for them.

This means that, for the Ding Fire, discipline comes in the form of words – your choice of words, to be specific. Trim down on the superlatives, focus on the results.

Wu Earth Day Masters: Nobleman detected!

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Learning to ask for help is one of the key skills to success. With the support of others, our journey to attaining our goals become smoother and less ‘rocky’ (all puns intended). Technically, for the Wu Earth Day Master, the Xu or Dog month is not your nobleman month. However, the presence of both your Output and Resource stars hints at the availability of ‘volunteers’. Or in modern pop culture… minions!

So look around you, Wu Earth. Having made yourself accessible in September, who are the people around you who can be your volunteers?

But circling back to the keyword of the month, what kind of discipline are we talking about for the Wu Earth? How about disciplining our sense of self-pride? When we are too proud to ask for help, then we must do everything ourselves and inadvertently limit the scale of our results.

Ji Earth Day Masters: Influencer marketing

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If you have taken advantage of the September energies to nurture your relationships, the concept of ‘influencer marketing’ will work best for the Ji Earth Day Master in October.

Looking for a job? Get someone to make the introduction. Looking for a promotion or preparing for a job review? Get testimonials from your colleague. Want to increase sales? Get micro influencers who can help you sell your product or service. In other words, tap into other people’s networks.

With that in mind, what kind of discipline is required from the Ji Earth Day Master in October? The willingness to sacrifice present income for a larger slice of the pie in the future.

Geng Metal Day Masters: Setting boundaries is self-care

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When a Geng Metal Day Master sees an external Geng Metal, this encounter is likely to amp up the altruistic nature of the Geng Metal Day Master. But there is only so much of other people’s problems we can handle.

The energies of the Geng Xu October month makes this a pretty good time for you to practice setting some boundaries to make time for your own self-care. Think of this as a month of rejuvenation, as you prepare to start making strides into your coming Hurting Officer year in 2023.

Xin Metal Day Masters: Firm leadership required

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Things get noisy when Metal meets Metal. Coming into your Rob Wealth month, you may find an influx of confused people coming to you with their problems. You may have spent September helping them gain clarity, but whats to do? Some people can be notoriously dense.

In October, it’s time for the Xin Metal to put your foot down, implement some firm leadership, and cut through all that noise and clutter!

Ironically, leadership will not work when we are seen to be overtly working for ourselves. When the ‘pack’ thinks that you are leading them up the garden path, naturally, the ‘pack’ won’t follow! Here, you can learn a trick or two from your Geng Metal counterparts who have got ‘altruism’ down pat. Therefore, the discipline required from you for the month of October is the discipline to put the good of others ahead of your own.

Ren Water Day Masters: Opportunity to gain new market knowledge

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Ren Water Day Masters will meet with your Indirect Resource star in the Geng Xu pillar for October. The Indirect Resource, frequently described as the star of unconventional knowledge, can also govern creativity. This is a type of big-picture creativity that comes from a willingness to play and experiment with new perspectives and ideas.

Therefore, for the Ren Water Day Masters, October is the perfect month to do some research on either enhancing your knowledge of your current market, or gaining new knowledge into new potential markets.

What kind of discipline should the Ren Water Day Master practice in October? Learn to suspend your natural scepticism for a month. Discipline that negative nay-sayer living rent-free inside your own head.

Gui Water Day Masters: Own your niche

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Gui Water Day Masters meeting your Geng Metal Direct Resource star can literally attract opportunities your way. Having understood your market needs in September, and now knowing exactly what they are looking for, October is a great month to own your niche.

You can easily do that by curating content on your own social media profiles. This is where the discipline of October comes in – the mental discipline to understand what is relevant and what is not relevant to your audience.


That said, I would also like to stress that the suggestions in this post are broad ideas. The goal is to inspire action!


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  1. Hi Paulynne,
    I really enjoy reading your blog, simply love it, referred to it constantly as a resource for my consults with regards to the unique characteristics of each day masters and now your monthly forecasts for each one of us. I’m a Xin Si day master and budding CM practitioner. Please keep it up. Cheerio!
    Joseph BC Tan ( Alfieblu )

    1. Hi Joseph! Thanks for dropping a comment. I’m so glad the blog has proven to be useful and of value to you. Isn’t it strange that I who have no Direct Resource, have inadvertently created a Resource for others? And practitioner-to-practitioner, my output (Earth) is exactly resource to you as a Xin Metal Day Master! Fascinating!

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