2023 Yi Wood Day Master

What does the 2023 year of the Water Rabbit bring to the Yi Wood Day Master? Regardless of what’s happening outside, regardless of what’s going on in your 12 animal signs, this series explores what else the 10 Day Masters can do to create growth in 2023?


The 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit infuses each of our Bazi Charts with different types of energy. Its arrival, amps up or strengthens different parts of our charts. And from there, we can add another layer of strategy to make 2023 a success.

To make this easily applicable, I will share this in the form of keywords. At this juncture, you might ask, what if I don’t intend to follow these strategies? What if I don’t find these keywords applicable to my situation?

The answer: nothing! These keywords represent the broader energies brought to you by the Gui Mao. To use it or not, is your choice!


2023 Yi Wood Day Master

For the Yi Wood Day Master, the Water Rabbit or Gui Mao, presents as Indirect Resource sitting on a Friend star.

With Indirect Resource on the Heavenly Stems, the first key word is CONNECT. The role of Indirect Resource is always to connect different bits of data together.

In the Earthly Branch, we find your Friend star:

  • The Friend star can represent your sense of self. 2023 can be a year where you prioritize some ‘me time’ to connect again with yourself. Sometimes, in the daily hustle and bustle of life, we put ourselves on the back burner. This is a good year to prioritize some self-care.
  • The Friend star can also represent your network of friends. 2023 is a great year to create some variety among the people you hang out with! Create a more diverse group of friends. Or, you could make the effort to re-connect with your friends. As we grow in life, sometimes we drift apart. Perhaps 2023 is the year to re-establish those bonds.
  • The Friend star can also represent people or communities. 2023, for the Yi Wood Day Master, could be a year where you act as a bridge between diverse communities. (Note: Yes, there are similarities or overlaps between the Rob Wealth and Friend Star.)
  • Finally, the Friend star can be very personal. 2023 is a great year for the Yi Wood Day Master to focus on continuous learning and personal development. This could include learning new skills, complementary skills that can be useful to you in the future.

The above are the keywords or hints that the 2023 year of the Water Rabbit is bringing to the Yi Wood Day Master. No doubt, this is beginning to feel like an inward-facing year, especially if you are a Yi Chou or a Yi You Day Master.

I would like to add just one caution to this: the Indirect Resource is all about connecting dots and pieces of information. Therefore, when the Indirect Resource star is too strong, it can become paranoid. Please have some awareness of this. The Indirect Resource turns paranoid when you have nothing to do. When your mind is idle. Therefore, my suggestion would be, at the very least, to focus on personal development.


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