2023 Bing Fire

The Bing Fire Day Master ‘enjoyed’ a 7 Killings year in 2022. But the 2023 Water Rabbit is a whole different species of animal. Less exciting, a little staid, but not without its potential!


The 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit infuses each of our Bazi Charts with different types of energy. Its arrival, amps up or strengthens different parts of our charts. And from there, we can add another layer of strategy to make 2023 a success.

To make this easily applicable, I will share this in the form of keywords. At this juncture, you might ask, what if I don’t intend to follow these strategies? What if I don’t find these keywords applicable to my situation?

The answer: nothing! These keywords represent the broader energies brought to you by the Gui Mao. To use it or not, is your choice!


2023 Bing Fire

As far as the Bing Fire Day Master is concerned, the Water Rabbit or Gui Mao, presents as Direct Officer sitting on Direct Resource.

With the Direct Officer on the Heavenly Stem, the first key word is either DISCIPLINED OR STRUCTURED.

But what should we be disciplined about? The Earthly Branch holds the clue:

  • The Direct Resource star can represent learning. Disciplined learning is about taking the time to gain mastery over a certain topic. Becoming a subject-matter expert, or marketing yourself as a subject-matter expert. Now mind you, the Direct Resource star is about facts and figures. Hard data! If you choose to go this route, you really must know your stuff!
  • The Direct Resource star also represents information. When we structure information, here comes the opportunity to infuse an educational aspect into what you do.
  • Finally, the Direct Resource can also represent health. For the Bing Fire Day Master, 2023 brings the opportunity to create a health routine.

Given the Bing Fire’s penchant for routine and consistency, these keywords should be relatively easy to apply. While there is much to be said about motivation or passion, there really is no success without discipline. For the Bing Fire Day Master, embracing this discipline is the key to making 2023 tick!


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