Bazi June 2023

Ding Fire Day Masters meeting the Wu Wu (戊午) In June 2023 is like a signal fire on top of the mountain. It’s time to let your flame shine bright because here comes the support you need to attract attention.

The energy of the month bolsters your leadership qualities, just like the signal fire on top of a mountain serving as a beacon of guidance and leadership. You can use the June 2023 energy to illuminate, help others see clearly and navigate their path, empower others to identify opportunities, make wise decisions and navigate challenges with confidence. And as you do unto others, so shall you benefit.

Elaborating on the analogy of a signal fire, June 2023 heightens your in-born ability to influence and inspire. You may be the source of inspiration and motivation for the people around you. Think of this as a practice round for Period 9!

Lastly, the passionate nature of Ding Fire is amplified in June 2023, infusing you with a heightened sense of passion, motivation and drive. This may be your catalyst for action. Channel this sense of enthusiasm wisely in pursuit of your goals.


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Author: Paulynne Cheng

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