Bazi June 2023

The Wu Earth Day Master meeting the Wu Wu (戊午) in June 2023 has the potential to meet up with noble and influential individuals, if you are open to making a move.

Bazi practitioners frequently joke about the Wu Earth’s love for procrastination. But here’s the thing, Wu Earth does not really procrastinate. From the perspective of a Wu Earth Day Master, he or she is not willing to make a move until they have had all their ducks are in a row. In other words, the Wu Earth Day Master prefers to be well prepared and well organized before they even take their first step. Which is fine. In the Wu Wu (戊午) pillar in June 2023, you find your Friend star sitting on top of your Direct Resource. Things are falling into place. The energy is accumulating and you need to start moving soon.

To maximize on the energies brought by June 2023, be open to new connections and be willing to engage in conversations with those you meet. Stay attention to the presence of noble people who may possess valuable knowledge, resources, or connections that can benefit your personal and professional life.

When you come across noble people, focus on building meaningful relationships rather than simply seeking immediate gains. Genuine connections built on trust and mutual respect can lead to long-term collaborations and mentorships. Nurturing these relationships can bring both personal and professional growth.

At the same time, pay attention to their values and the alignment with your own. Surrounding yourself with people who share similar values can create a supportive and uplifting environment. Seek connections with those who inspire you and share a common vision for success.

A Wu Earth meeting another Wu Earth can play out in two ways. On the positive spectrum comes an accumulation of energy. The possibility of a pooling of resources, ideas, or strengths. This can be seen in partnerships or collaborations that bring together complementary skills and expertise.

On the negative spectrum, however, two mountains meeting could lead to a standoff, an impasse or even competition or rivalry. It suggests the possibility of a clash of interests or a lack of willingness to compromise. It also indicates the possibility of a competitive environment where two strong individuals are vying for dominance. But looking at this scenario in the long run, this may be the challenge you need to shake off your equanimity and encourage you to start taking action.


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