Bazi June 2023

For the Ji Earth Day Master, June 2023 represents a good chance to study and learn from your competitors. After all, with the Wu Earth on the Heavenly Stem of the Wu Wu (戊午) month, your Rob Wealth star, signifying your competitors, are visible. Why not use this opportunity to scope them out?

In the 2023 Gui Mao year, the Ji Earth Day Master sees Indirect Wealth sitting on 7 Killings. Both are expansive energies. Couple that with the Rob Wealth sitting on Indirect Resource in June 2023, Ji Earth Day Masters may feel a little off kilter. In such a situation, studying your competition is a good way to tap into information for your decision-making process.

With your Wu Earth (戊) Rob Wealth on the Heavenly Stems, let’s start with the easy part – the public-facing part of your competition. Analyze their website. Pay attention to their product/service offerings, pricing, unique selling points, and customer testimonials. Understand how they position themselves and what makes them stand out. Examine their social media accounts to gain insights into their engagement strategies, content types, frequency of posting, and audience interactions. Note the platforms they focus on and how they leverage social media to connect with their customers.

Next, let’s work on your Ding Fire (丁) Indirect Resource star. Conduct market research to gather information about your competitors. This can include reading industry reports, news articles, and press releases. Look for information on their market share, growth rate, target audience, recent product launches, partnerships, and any notable achievements or challenges they have faced.

At the same time, explore customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback on platforms like review websites, forums, and social media. Understand what customers appreciate about your competitors and where they might have shortcomings. This can provide valuable insights into areas where you can differentiate yourself and improve.

And finally, your Ji Earth (己) Friend Star. Attend trade shows, conferences, and industry events where your competitors may have a presence. Observe their booths, presentations, and interactions with attendees. This can help you understand their marketing strategies, industry relationships, and the image they project to the public. Connect with professionals in your industry through networking events or online communities. Engage in conversations and ask open-ended questions to gather insights about your competitors. You can also conduct surveys or interviews with your target audience to understand their perceptions of your competitors and what they value most.


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