Bazi June 2023

When the Xin Metal Day Masters meet the Wu Wu (戊午) energy in June 2023, experiential learning or hands-on learning is likely to be the topic of the month.

A Xin Metal Day Master’s Direct Resource is the immovable Wu Earth (戊). Unconsciously and unknowingly, you tend to place a lot of premium on fixed rules in your learning experience. In your learning journey on any topic, the first thing you hew towards are the rules. In other words, there is a tendency to find the boundaries of the box, before you begin thinking out of the box.

But in real life, theoretical rules may differ vastly from actual experience. June 2023 is a good month to have fun with some hands-on learning. With your Ding Fire (丁) 7 Killings and Ji Earth (己) Indirect Resource coming together for a month, this is a great time for experiments and simulations. Any method that allows you to explore the learned concepts and test out the effects for yourself.

Let’s take this a little further. After all, your Ding Fire (丁) 7 Killings is progressive and adventurous. Field trips and site visits will give you real-world experience relevant to the subject matter. Alternatively, try using role-playing and case studies to take you further into your learning journey.

The end result of all these hands-on learning will inevitably build up your store of knowledge, that towering Wu Earth (戊) Direct Resource by helping you acquire knowledge, acquire skills and deepen your understanding of the topic at hand.


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