Bazi June 2023

The Wu Wu (戊午) energies in June 2023 may feel rather coercive to the Ren Water Day Masters. The Ren Water Day Master is all about freedom of exploration. But here comes your Wu Earth (戊) 7 Killings, intent on channelling your energies. It may feel like circumstances out of your control may be forcing you into action that you are not entirely comfortable with. But who knows? This new route may lead to somewhere even better!

June 2023 is a good month to use your Ding Fire (丁) Direct Wealth to re-evaluate the overarching goals and objectives you want to achieve. Reflect on whether the new route aligns with the bigger picture. Can still help you progress towards your desired outcomes? Sometimes, taking a different route can lead to unexpected opportunities and growth.

Look for potential compromises or alternatives that can address the concerns of all parties involved by activating your Ji Earth (己) Direct Officer. Explore possibilities for integrating elements of both routes or finding a new approach that satisfies the key objectives of the change. Finding a middle ground can lead to a solution that is more acceptable to everyone.

But most of all, when a Ren Water Day Master meets your Wu Earth (戊) 7 Killings, it’s all about allowing yourself to be guided. Like a river being channelled by the mountains, being open to guidance allows you to tap into the wisdom and experience of others. Their insights and perspective can provide valuable guidance that can help you make informed decisions or navigate challenging situations.


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