Jia Wood October 2023

Health jumps into the focus for the Jia Wood Day Master in the month of October 2023. For the Jia Wood Day Master, this torrent of Indirect Resource makes October 2023 a good month to create a robust life system that strengthens and fulfils you.


We all love the Wealth energies. However, all the wealth energies in the world are useless if we are not equipped with the physical vitality, stamina and energy to capitalize on the incoming opportunities.

The October 2023 Bazi Chart is inundated with Water. From the perspective of the Jia Wood Day Master, this could mean that you find your roots flooded. When this happens, the health of the proverbial tree will soon be affected.

Therefore, the October 2023 Bazi Chart could be a reminder to the Jia Wood Day Master to focus on your own wellbeing in order to capitalize on the opportunities coming your way.

Let’s start with your Ding Fire Output star which represents your ability to express your thoughts, feelings and individuality. This is an essential aspect of being human, and it plays a significant role in both mental and physical health. In October 2023, this is about the emotional release. It’s about finding a healthy and therapeutic outlet to release the stress, anxiety and even physical health issues that may be holding you back. Some money may need to be spent. That’s what your Wu Earth Wealth star is for.

Further, your Xin Metal Influence star is a reminder that discipline is the foundation to health improvement. It’s the commitment to consistent actions as well as the establishment of healthy habits.

In the quest for a healthier and more fulfilling life, the connection between self-expression, discipline and overall well-being can often be underestimated. For the Jia Wood Day Master, here is a one-month opportunity to be more mindful of these aspects.


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