2024 Pig

In 2024, quite a number of the Zodiac signs are making a comeback. And the Pig… is one of them!


2024 Pig Chinese Zodiac

First, a quick recap of 2023. Not the most pleasant of years, but breakthrough was possible. 2023 was a rather ‘combative’ year for the Pig.

For some Pigs, 2023 may have felt like a year where you permanently have your dukes up. You can put your dukes down now. Because in 2024, into your quadrant, comes two mega positive stars – the Dragon Virtue and the Emperor Star.

The Dragon Virtue is one of the prized auxiliary stars. Essentially, it is a powerful blessings star. It brings nobleman support and helps to smooth the way for us. It is also the ultimate game-changer that helps turn a negative situation into positive outcome. This alone can negate the effects of the negative stars and accentuate the effects of the positive stars, especially the Emperor Star.

The Emperor Star is a leadership star. It spotlights your leadership ability and how skilled you are at rallying the troops.

Which means that 2024 will be the year to build up your reputation and trust. More on that when we get to the different pillars.


The Red Matchmaker is a Peach Blossom star. It enhances your likability and approval ratings.

The Study Hall is a minor intelligence star. For students, this brings exam luck. For working adults, this is enhanced learning capacities. Basically, you enjoy better mental clarity in 2024.

This is the point where we want to stop. Notice the dotted lines to the negative stars? We want to halt our effects right here. Because there is a hidden danger in this permutation. The combative stars in 2023, leading into the Emperor star in 2024, can create an ongoing me-against-the-world mindset.


This is how things could play out. In 2023, you had to fight and scrap for every inch of progress. Come the Emperor star in 2024, you have this feeling of:

 “I did it.”

“I don’t need nobody else.”

“I can do it on my own.”

“Now that I’m the Emperor, I don’t need to listen to nobody else.”

When you find yourself thinking that way, it’s that slippery slope down to the Death God. Things start to feel under-whelming because you are still trying to do everything on your own, and progress is hard to come by.

If you get caught up in the Death God way of thinking, there is a very high chance of offending or sidelining your support system. This is the Heavenly Officer Charm. As you can see, no matter where we go in this chart, the key always comes back to your leadership skills. Your ability to rally the troops.

As a side note, I want you to be aware that Heavenly Officer Charm can also bring legal problems. So do be careful of the documents you need to sign.


The Brutal Defeat is a sign that things are not stable yet. There are still ups and downs. Not all wars can be won. Even Emperors lose wars. Therefore, 2024 is not the time to get arrogant about taking risks. It’s not the time to be greedy and reckless. Instead, listen to your ministers, and be strategic about taking calculated risks.

Finally, the Dark Sky can be interpreted in two ways. If you are in business, especially in the business where the transfer of physical goods needs to be facilitated, you best have some back up plans. Because there may be interruption to your supply process.

This can also be interpreted as low immunity caused by… over-work… the Death God.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


If the Pig is in your Year pillar, one possible strategy is to double down on your reputation building. Here is an opportunity to own a niche.

In terms of networking, you have access to people in power. Your job, is to make sure you ally with that.

For those of you who are in the dating game, the Red Matchmaker is the ultimate relationship star, so get out there and network. If you are a female Fire Day Master or a male Earth Day Master, all the more reason to put yourself out there.


If the Pig is in your Month Pillar which governs your career and working environment, there are two possible permutations. Either you improve your leadership skills or you become an expert contributor.

The presence of the Dragon Virtue here can revive a flagging and stagnating career life. Your career is being given a new breath of life. Along with the Emperor star, is an opportunity to become of the key persons in your organization.

You can use these stars to improve your ability to use authority and to delegate.

If leadership is not your cup of tea, the other possible route is to upskill in order to become a valuable solo contributor who does not need to lead the team. If you’re going this route, please make sure the compensation is equal to the effort.


What if the Pig is in your Day Pillar? After all, this is the pillar that governs your personal wellbeing and personal relationships.

If you are single and available, it’s time to put your best foot forward and get out there into the dating scene. Be aware of the energy you radiate. What kind of vibes are you giving out?

Already partnered? This is the chance to take that relationship to a new level of intimacy. The relationship grows as you both grow. Very nice!

If not partnered and don’t intend to be partnered. Here is a chance to get to know yourself better. To put an end to the self-loathing, to make peace with who you are and who you want to be.


One word answer: Upskill. Use the Study Hall.

What else can we do? With the Dragon Virtue it is possible to revive an old idea, refresh it, rebrand it, and launch it again. Maybe it failed in the past because the timing was not quite right. Now could be the time.

With the Brutal Defeat here, some form of capital protection strategies are called for if you are trading. Because there is a risk of being blind-sided. So please don’t go ‘all-in’. Know when to cut your losses and run.

From a mental wellness point of view, this collection of stars can make someone quite stubborn. Being stubborn is not necessarily a bad thing. You just have to manage the thinking process so that stubborn does not devolve into recklessness.

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