Yi Wood October 2023

Paddy fields are a common sight in Asia. At the beginning of the planting season, the paddy fields are flooded with water to support the young seedlings. Flooding rice fields improves the growth of rice, reduces vulnerability to uneven rainfall and produces higher yields relative to dry soils by reducing pests and weeds. This influx of water, is representative of the October 2023 Bazi Chart in relation to the Yi Wood Day Master.

While the energies certainly paint a pretty picture, how can we use this as a month-long strategy?


With a surge of Direct Resource energies coming at the Yi Wood Day Master, the October 2023 Bazi Chart presents an ideal environment to deep dive into a certain body of knowledge.

Since a month is not a very long time, let’s start by using your Ding Fire Output star to create a simple learning strategy. Why? To avoid wasting time! Couple that with your Wu Earth Wealth star to establish a learning plan with clearly defined goals and objectives. With your Xin Metal Influence star, take every opportunity to practice what you have learnt and allow yourself the room to fail. Please don’t fear failure. It’s the best teacher we have.

From a business or career perspective, the energies of the October 2023 Bazi Chart makes this a good month to test out new ideas, again with the objective of finding out what works and what doesn’t. Again, there must be a strategy coupled with measurable results. But with the Xin Metal Influence star, this becomes an element of risk management. By the end of the month, the goal is to have a clear-cut picture of what is viable, and what is not.


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