Ding Fire October 2023

A campfire is always a must every time we go camping. In the olden days, campfires keep wild animals away. It’s a safety precaution. But if you look at this a little deeper, the lighting of a fire is akin to us claiming a space. For that short period of time, while we are occupying that space, the fire is how we claim that spot. In October 2023, this is exactly the opportunity being offered to the Ding Fire Day Master – the opportunity to claim your spot. More, it’s an opportunity to master your domain.


In the dynamic landscape of business and personal growth, the ability to carve out your own space and thrive within it is a valuable skill. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a professional, owning your space means being a force to be reckoned with. Obviously, this can’t be done within the space of a short month.

But we could start! Let’s start by using your Ding Fire Companion star to pay some attention to the strength of our networks. Networking is the cornerstone of establishing your presence in any field. It’s more than just collecting as many business cards as you can. Instead, as time is of the essence, seek out key players who are already established in your chosen space. Connect with them, learn from their experiences and leverage their insights to accelerate your growth.

Of course, in today’s hyper connected world, there is no way to escape the presence of Social Media. That’s where your Wu Earth Output star comes in. In our digital age, your online presence is crucial. This is a part of your brand building – by sharing valuable content to showcase your expertise.

With the presence of your Xin Metal Wealth star, seek out the most high-impact network or content to focus on. After all, we’ve only got a month! All these activities are leading towards your Ren Water Influence star – here is authority, your chance to own a space beyond merely occupying it, and leave a lasting yet meaningful impact.

But don’t mistake me, ownership is not about domination, but about becoming an influential and respected presence that positively contributes to your industry or community.


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Author: Paulynne Cheng

A Business and Career Consultant-Coach who melds Chinese Metaphysics techniques with modern day Coaching to help you become the best that you can be. A lifelong reader who cannot imagine life without books; a 25-year Communications professional with an expertise in sports communications, sports marketing and broadcasting.

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