Wu Earth October 2023

Whenever the Indirect Wealth pops up on the Heavenly Stems, for a month at least, there is a probability of either attracting investors or at least increasing your income sources. For the Wu Earth Day Master, this is exactly what the October 2023 Bazi Chart represents.


Securing investment for your business can be a game-changer. Of course, the investor is not going to magically pop out of an old oil lamp. Which means that the Wu Earth Day Master will have some homework to do.

Your Ding Fire Resource star is a reminder to use the data advantage by compiling insightful and compelling data about your market. Next the Wu Earth Companion star is a reminder that you need to be out there talking to people and making connections to access the investors. And finally of course, with your Xin Metal Output star, the pitch had better be compelling!

But not everyone reading this will be in the market for an investor. I realize that. What’s another way to use the energy of the October 2023 Bazi Chart?

In this case, you could consider becoming a deal maker for a month. In today’s world, everyone is out there doing something. Your job, in October 2023, is to get out there, find out what’s going on, and see if you have the resources, connection or even know-how to help your contacts solve their immediate problems. And since you have the Indirect Wealth star on the Heavenly Stem, we are absolutely not going to do this for free. It’s perfectly ok to ask for a small commission. Even noble people deserves to get paid.


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