2024 Rat Zodiac

The Rat embarked on a new cycle in 2023. Come 2024, the Rat is set to continue on its upward trajectory. To make the year work for you, you need a sword!

2024 Rat Zodiac


In 2023, the Rat had the prized Heavenly Virtue, Fortune Virtue, Thriving and Prosperity stars. All of which, encouraged the start of a new flow of energy. Your mission, in 2024, is to maintain that upward trajectory.

In the Bazi auxiliary stars system, there are a number of stars that talk about leadership skills. Among which, are the Grand Duke, the Emperor Star, as well as the General Star. In today’s world, there is not much difference between the three. The one similarity amongst the three is an opportunity to improve on your social status. Which means, promotion luck is available.

That being the case, what type of tools would you need to use the General Star? Unlike the Grand Duke and Emperor Star, Generals are usually famed for their fighting prowess. Which means, there is a need for a symbolic ‘sword’. Nowadays, we call that your special skillset. To rock this year’s stars, you must have a sword – a special skill.

This does not have to be a hard skill. It can be a soft skill. Example: maybe you write fantastic copy. Or maybe, you are a great facilitator. Perhaps, your skill is the ability to train and develop other talents.


This skillset is important for the General Star because it is the one that draws in the Golden Lock. The Golden Lock is typically interpreted as investment luck. But beyond that, it can also draw business or career opportunities your way by giving you the chance to be recognized as a talent in your field. This sword, or skillset, is important for people to trust your brand.


Having a skillset and opportunities is one thing. Whether or not you are willing to take action, is a whole different ballgame. Enter the White Tiger and Sky Warrior.

But first, let’s get the bad news out of the way. When the White Tiger and Sky Warrior come together, they heighten the risk of injury. Basically, the Rat has become a little more accident-prone in 2024. Accidents can happen for many reasons. One of them, is recklessness.

Influenced by the White Tiger and Sky Warrior, the willingness to take action has increased. Which is a good thing. Too much of a good thing is when these two ramp up your native competitiveness, resulting in a do-or-die mindset.

When our actions are prompted by this do-or-die mindset, that’s when the negative effect of both these stars become apparent. White Tiger brings petty people and gossip. Sky Warrior can even cause a loss of reputation.


Before we talk about how to flip these two important action-taking stars into the positive, let’s see what the underlying motivations behind the recklessness could be.

The Salty Pool is not a completely negative star. It’s one of the Peach Blossoms. So just know that likability has also increased for you. However, the Salty Pool can engender a lean towards instant gratification.

This focus on instant results, coupled with feeling more competitive in 2024, results in the Peeling Head. The Peeling Head, by itself, is nothing! It’s just feelings of unease. Outwardly looking like a General, inwardly not feeling at peace. Something like imposter syndrome.

Therefore, the key to turning the White Tiger and Sky Warrior into positive stars for the Rat is to be very mindful of the intentions of your action. To be clear when you are chasing a fleeting high, or to be strategic about your goals. Pick a hill to die on. No need to die on every hill.


The Taiji Nobleman star can help provide much-needed clarity. Unlike other nobleman stars, this is a spiritual nobleman. It improves wisdom and intuitiveness. If you allow it, it can change your perspectives and how you see things. With this in your quadrant, there is also a chance that you can learn from a guru or teacher. How can you help the Taiji Nobleman along? Practice mindfulness.

The presence of the Sky Bright is also a boon. This is an intelligence star that can support any of the other positive stars by enhancing your creativity, analytical skills, and talents.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


For those born in the year of the Rat, your industry is looking extremely vibrant this year. The industry is looking for leaders with specific skillsets. Your job is to sell your skills and start to build that trust.

If you were to focus on networking in 2024, who can you possibly meet? Perhaps a guru? Captains of industry? Creative people? Movers and shakers. People who can inspire you to take action.

If you are looking for a job, you must sell your sword – your skillset.

However, with the Salty Pool, the relationship with new people that you meet may be short-lived in nature. Be OK with that. It’s up to you to follow-up if you want to build the relationship.


If you are born in the month of the Rat, it’s time to sharpen your sword. Or even better, swords in the plural. Multiple swords. Multiple skillsets. Either acquire a new skill or enhance an existing skill – and then make sure you tell people that you have these skills.

The trick for the Rat in the month is to be alert for opportunities to showcase your talents.

Beyond that, physical wellness is also a factor. Because using these stars require physical and mental stamina. This bunch together can be quite exhausting. So if you already constantly feel fatigued, you may want to do something about your physical energy.


Courage is the key if the Rat governs your Day Pillar. The Sky Warrior and White Tiger are not necessarily bad stars if they can give you that fighting spirit to go after what you want. The courage to allow yourself to shine!

Growth for the Rat in the Day Pillar comes from your self development and personal growth as a human being. Growth can also come when you are able to gain that mindfulness to align your thoughts, words and action.

The caution here, where your personal relationships are concerned – your partner, your immediate household, people you see day in day out – don’t go picking fights for no reason to release stress. Find a different way to de-stress.

Or perhaps, from your perspective, your significant other is being nit-picky and fussy in 2024. Taiji nobleman is the answer – be the bigger woman or man.


Extra ambitious in 2024! Suddenly, there is clarity, thanks to the Taiji Nobleman. If you have always been interested in the metaphysical sciences, 2024 would be a good year for you to take up a course or two. Because metaphysics (Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Western, whatever) – at the end of the day – are all intuitive sciences. The presence of the Taiji Nobleman helps to take your understanding beyond the technical level, and to the intuitive level.

Of course, the Taiji nobleman can also help with clarity of thought. It helps you to see the bigger picture and understand patterns. So when this is in your investment pillar, you could also consider learning more about market psychology and market sentiments, for instance.

And finally, here’s the chance to become a subject-matter expert. In this case, where your knowledge is concerned, it’s time to deep dive.

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