2024 Ox Zodiac

If you have the Ox in your Bazi Chart (be it Year, Month, Day, or Hour), brace yourself for a long read ahead. But a long article is worth the while when there is good news to share!

2024 Ox Zodiac


First, let’s recap 2023. The stars in the Ox for 2023, few as there may have been, encouraged mastery and an increase in self worth. For the Ox, 2023 was about getting yourself to the point where you can literally say, “I’m ready!”

And if you are really ready, in 2024 comes three major blessings stars. These are coveted stars that we always try to activate. The Fortune Virtue is a wealth star that enhances all other wealth stars. With this supporting you in 2024, it is very important to learn to recognize opportunities when they come knocking.

The Heavenly Virtue, also a positive blessings stars, dissolves the other negative stars that haunt you. This removes the obstacles in your way. You find that if you take action to remedy certain problems or obstacles, somehow, the problems are just easier to resolve. Ever experienced that? Like you have been plagued by a problem for a number of years, and then suddenly things just resolve themselves? That’s the effect of the Heavenly Virtue.

The third positive star is the Prosperity Star. This too brings opportunities. Be warned though, the Prosperity star could cause eating disorders. If you are not careful, you may find yourself growing sideways!

How would we interpret the presence of these three in the Ox for 2024? Basically, having invested the effort and time to upgrade yourself in 2023, opportunities are now presenting themselves because you are ready.


All these opportunities are meant to help you grow. This is the function of Pulling Saddle. To help you grow or head into a new direction. It’s exciting, albeit a little uncomfortable. It’s taking you out of your comfort zone by presenting new opportunities and experiences to explore. With the help of the Pulling Saddle, a lot of growth can happen for the Ox in 2024.


What could stop you? Irritants! See the bunch of negative stars encircling the Pulling Saddle? Looks like it’s getting bingo-ed, doesn’t it? Like petty people trying to stop your growth, holding you back. That’s exactly what they are. Nay-sayers and saboteurs.

Let me quickly describe their effect. Broken Star can represent sabotage or a breakdown in communications. It causes a negative impact to your image brought about by fake rumours.

Curled Tongue is an arguments star caused by petty gossip. Solid Killing represents obstacles created or put in your way by other people. Crossing Sha refers to relationship problems.

It feels like you want to fly, but there are weights around your ankle, dragging you down.

However, the Fortune Virtue and Heavenly Virtue both can dissolve these issues. Your job, is to not let them get to you. Do not allow yourself to become embroiled in petty arguments and pointless power plays. No need to play power games when you have the Fortune Virtue and Heavenly Virtue on your side. Focus on getting the most of the opportunities.


What happens if you start listening to the naysayers? The Lonesome star will then engender a feeling of being ostracized. Invalidated. Self-doubt. Succumb to the Lonesome star, and the Drapes is waiting. Drapes is depression.


The Ox also enjoys additional support in the form of two nobleman stars – the Heavenly Yi and the Sky Noble. Despite the naysayers and petty politics, there are noble help available to you. Your job is to recognize their presence.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


With such powerful blessings stars in your Year Pillar, you’d better be networking! Use the Pulling Saddle to broaden your social circle. With all the argument stars, it’s pretty noisy out there. A lot of differing opinions. That’s fine. Let them talk. This is about finding opportunities in chaos.

And most importantly, learn to recognize your noble people when they show up. To do this, you yourself must first have a clear idea of the type of help you need. For example, if you are a Gui Water Day Master, this noble person may come with a specific problem-solving skill. Without this criteria, it would be impossible to recognize your noble person.


When the Ox governs your Month pillar, do be careful of the perils of internal politics. Here, there might be no choice but to learn to play the game.

There are opportunities, but many people wanting to get in on the action and put their finger into the pie.

It would be wasteful to dumb yourself down just because of the presence of petty people. In this case, you need to cover your behind, and learn to act fast when opportunity presents itself. In all seriousness, these petty people are a small price to pay given the opportunities being presented to you.

Here’s one way they can’t catch you. Be willing to try out new ways of doing things. Be willing to explore. Because the negative stars are petty people who are still caught up in the old way of doing things. So if you can advance faster, that will help trigger the positive stars in the picture.


Ox in the day pillar talks about being presented with opportunities to uplift yourself, experience personal growth, and become a better version of yourself.

The only problem is, you might not find support among your close circles or from your significant other. It may engenders a feeling of being invalidated. If nobody validates us, then let’s validate ourselves!

For those who are in committed relationships, you may find that with the presence of the argument stars, small disagreements explode into big fights. Work together to solve the problems, and grow together.

Here, the chances of the Prosperity Star morphing into eating disorder is the most apparent. Be careful of your stress eating. At least, learn to recognize your triggers. If you cannot identify the enemy, how to defeat the enemy?


Ox in the Hour can feel a little bipolar. There’s a push-pull between wanting to grow and a fear of taking risks. Essentially, you might be talking yourself out of taking advantage of the opportunities. The solution is certainly not to go ‘all-in’ and throw all caution to the wind.

Instead, why not identify the root cause of your fear, and take action to remedy it. At the very least figure out what’s holding you back.

Alternatively, the stars in the Ox could mean that you may receive very little support from among your staff or team members. They’re being particularly recalcitrant in 2024. Or maybe they’re just not getting along. Team-building exercises required.

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