2023 November Bazi

November 2023 may feel rather ‘wishy-washy’ for the Wood Day master as you are poised to receive a strong wave of emotional energy.

Perhaps, you experience an uptick in exciting and amazing ideas caused by an inundation of information and data. Suddenly, lights bulbs seem to be popping up in your head all the time. Some of these ideas may even be given to you by other people – literally making November 2023 feel like people are feeding you with opportunities. But along with this, on the negative spectrum, it may feel like there are too many opinions around you.

So many, in fact, that you find yourself at a loss. Which idea should you work on first? At best, nothing much got done due to the many distractions. At worst, you experience fatigue as you are buffeted by the many ideas and opinions.

Basically, with so much Water in the November 2023 Bazi Chart, the Jia and Yi Wood Day Masters may find it a little hard to think straight.

The trick therefore, is to filter before you become overwhelmed in order to be more intentional about how you handle information and make your priorities clear and simple.


2023 November Bazi

Jia Wood Day Masters can use simple techniques like journaling or art to filter through your thoughts. Of course, it would be great if we have a pensieve. But we’re not all of us Dumbledore! So we have to create our own version of the pensieve. If journaling sounds too labour intensive to you, sometimes a good ol’ brain dump can also be helpful to keep yourself on track.


2023 November Bazi

Both Wood Day Masters are a high risk of over-analysis paralysis in November 2023. But for the Yi Wood, the prosperous Water energies may have you particularly indecisive, swaying back and forth at the whims of the tide. Should I go left? Or should I turn right? Can’t decide!

I would like you to be aware of this if you have a particularly important and urgent decision that must be made in November. Because you must have a strategy on hand to filter out the unnecessary noise. However, if you do not have anything of particular importance to decide, why not make use of the energy of the month to get out of your comfort zone and try something new?


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