2023 November Bazi

As we approach the start of Period 9, this is an opportunity to gain clarity on the direction of our lives. Essentially, where are we heading?

The prosperous Water in the November 2023 chart represents an uptick in Influence energy for the Fire Day Masters. This a chance to clarify your direction in as concise a manner as possible. Let’s call it your ‘elevator pitch’. How would you introduce yourself? This is mine, “Hi! I’m Paulynne! I help people transform their lives by empowering them with information and foresight using Chinese Metaphysics.”

It’s easy to talk about clarity of direction. But in our everyday lives, with our myriad of responsibilities, it’s not that easy to achieve. Before you start pressuring yourself to come up with a direction right-the-eff-now, relax! Discovering our life direction is a process and a journey, not an end to itself. Perhaps, with the flood of Influence energy coming into the November 2023 Bazi Chart, your journey to finding your clarity of direction begins this month?

Bear in mind that this direction need not be fixed in stone. It can change along the way as you grow. You, as a Fire Day Master, should know that! We can detour, we can sidetrack, but please don’t u-turn!

Most of us will already have a rough goal in mind. For example, a very common goal is to create financial freedom or security. Finding clarity of direction in November 2023 requires you to start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

“What am I doing to start heading towards this goal?”

“What needs to happen first in order for me to start walking on this path? Is there something I need to learn? Is there something I need to practice? Is there a certain type of person I need to build a relationship with?”

“What action do I take daily towards the achievement of this goal?”

The last question is the most important. The action that furthers your journey towards the direction that you have set must be embedded into your daily routine. Because what we give energy to, is what we will reap in return.


2023 November Bazi

Bing Fire Day Masters, in particular, will benefit highly from this conscious and intentional use of time and energy. Of the 10 Day Masters, the Bings are the ones who are most routine-driven. While this can be quite a constraining way of living, the upside of this Bing Fire attitude is that things that have been scheduled and baked into the daily timetable, inevitably gets done.

To change a Bing Fire Day Master’s life, we must first tweak the daily routine. So for the Bing Fire Day Masters, November 2023 is a good month to take a hard look at your daily schedule and ruthlessly evaluate and eliminate the activities that are not taking you one step closer to your direction.


2023 November Bazi

On the other hand, Ding Fire Day Masters will probably face a significant level of stress as November 2023 comes around. Already saddled with a 7 Killings in the year, here comes the 7 Killings month. This level of Water energies may dampen your passion, enthusiasm and perhaps even self-confidence. Take heart, it’s only a month.

While it would be hard to control what’s coming in from the inside, there is still something you can do to self-care through a potentially challenging month. Your mission, for November 2023, is to identify, challenge and replace your innate negative self-talk with self-compassion. For example, instead of “What’s the use?”, replace it with “How can I make this goal smaller so that it can be more easily achievable?”.

The 7 Killings is the nemesis of the Ding Fire Day Master. Think about it. The Bing Fire cannot really produce Earth. It is the Ding Fire that directly does it. Similarly, the Bing Fire can’t forge metal, you’d need the Ding Fire to transform Metal into another form of energy. The Bing Fire does not need Wood to keep shining. It is Ding Fire that consumes the Wood to aid the process of transformation. For the Ding Fire Day Master, this 7 Killings is most likely represented by the presence of negative self-talk and constant self-critique.

Therefore, in November 2023, the Ding Fire Day Masters could use the month’s energy positively by eliminating the “I can’t” with “I will” so that you can begin that first step of your journey towards your direction.


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