2024 Dragon Zodiac

I’m sure you know by now that the Dragon is going to be the Grand Duke of 2024. What kind of Grand Duke is this going to be? Will it have a lot of support? What problems could you be facing? Read on…

2024 Dragon Zodiac


2023 was a big nobleman year for you. Did you find help? Were you able to help others? Did you manage to increase your nobility? Well, yes or no, 2024 is here and with it the…

Grand Duke!

As always, please don’t fear the Grand Duke energy. It can bring you breakthroughs. A Grand Duke year does bring problems. But seriously, have we ever had a year where there are no problems to solve? Like, none at all? Is that even remotely realistic?

But in a Grand Duke year, you can’t hide. That’s the effect of the Duke’s Arrival – all eyes on you. So the pressure increases. Because you need to step up and take ownership. How you deal with obstacles and setbacks is now under scrutiny. So you might as well own it, and rock it!

But are you expected to solve problems on your own? Well, apparently not!


This Grand Duke is being supported by the Elegant Seal. This is the ultimate intelligence star as it enhances your mental capacity, mental acuity, talent, creativity and intelligence. In essence, your ability to strategize and to be innovative has been given a big boost.

This Elegant Seal is the star of the diva. So it also lends a patina of charisma. This too can draw attention your way. A word to the wise, it can be a little bit of a diva.


Next, we also have support in the form of a negative star. The Sword Edge tests your resilience, your grace under pressure, your willingness to rise to the challenge. That’s the positive way of using a Sword Edge. The negative way? It causes arguments primarily because of the Elegant Seal – diva-like attitude that won’t listen to nobody.


The Jade Hall represents an increase in value. Traditionally, this is an increase in asset value. It’s still applicable today, but its effect can go beyond tangible assets. Something you own or you yourself increases in value. It can be a skill, a talent, knowledge, a system you own, an idea, something!

So now your value increases, your visibility increases, your ability increases – this leads to the Golden Carriage – people bringing you opportunities because you stepped up. Because you are valuable. Because you provided value. Because you contributed.


The biggest threat lies in the Year Punishment. In the Dragon, this is a self-punishment. Do not under-estimate this. Because it is self-created. Self-sabotage. Let me give you a tactile example of the Dragon’s Self Punishment. Play along please. This is one of the few punishments that can be illustrated by human action.

Make a fist. Grab it real tight. Feel the tension going down your arm. Keep holding it while I briefly explain the Yellow Flag and the Hidden Corpse.

This thing that you are doing now with your fist, will lead to the Yellow Flag which is emotional imbalance. When our emotions are out of whack, inevitably, it will deteriorate our physical wellbeing as well. That’s the warning of the Hidden Corpse.

Is your hand getting tired yet? It’s not comfortable, right? Now relax the grip a little. Instant relief. Now open your fist. Feels better? Way better?

Now imagine gripping that fist in your psyche. That, is the Dragon Self Punishment – the inability to let go. Something that you cannot let go of, will turn the Grand Duke experience into a negative, and trigger the emotional imbalance and the physical issues.

By the way, Hidden Corpse can mean hereditary diseases – so health screening is in order please.

So back to the Year Punishment or Self Punishment. What could be the root cause? It depends. For the Wood Day Masters, this may be caused by an extreme need for control. Control over every aspect of life to the point that you are unable to enjoy life. For Fire Day Masters, this could be the inability to let go of a certain ideal or perfectionism. For Earth Day Masters, this issue revolves around your self-identity. For Metal Day Masters, pride and prejudice may be the problem. For Water Day Masters, this could be adhering to an outdated system or way of doing things.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


The Year pillar governs our social networks, our industry, our market, social media, the world at large. Duke’s Arrival (all eyes on me), Grand Duke, Elegant Seal (star of the diva), basically visibility has increased. Increase the value of your brand, of course. Be strategic about shaping your reputation in your industry.

What if you were to network? There is a chance that you would meet high value and intelligent people out there. Your job, is to go meet there. Else, how to use the Golden Carriage? Meet the Golden Carriage halfway, go out there and be a part of the movers and shakers in your external world. Be a part of what they are doing.


With the Dragon in your Month pillar, use the Elegant Seal to increase your capacity.  Be on the lookout for projects or opportunities where you can showcase your abilities. Where you can make a big impact. Remember, own it, rock it!

Alternatively, with the Year Punishment, learn to delegate effectively. Share your authority. Because, remember, the Year Punishment this time is about the inability to let go. You know many middle managers don’t train their people? Because of scarcity mindset. So afraid their staff will take over their jobs, that they hoard their knowledge. What happens then? You create a scenario where you cannot be promoted because nobody can do your current job. Train others so that you can divest off some old responsibilities and leave room for new growth to happen.


Dragon in the Day Pillar which governs our personal wellness and close relationships. Particularly this points to your spouse or partner. But hey, it’s Period 9. We first use this for ourselves.

You can use the Jade Hall to figure out who you want to be. What kind of leader you want to be. With the Elegant Seal, take the opportunity to master a skill and then leverage off the skill. No point having a skill that nobody knows.

Of course, let’s give this a traditional spin by applying it to your life partner. In that case, your wife or husband, is the boss this year. Your job, is to say ‘Yes Boss!” Let them have the driving seat for a year.

If you are single and sort of looking, the Elegant Seal as a star of attraction is a little difficult. Because it’s kinda of picky.

But nothing is stopping you from building positive relationships with the people around you!


Dragon in the Hour. Let’s zero in on the Jade Hall. Something in your investment portfolio may have matured. You may want to check it out.

Using the Elegant Seal – go learn something new. Because the intellectual capacity to master a skill has improved!

Get curious about different fields of knowledge. Broaden your mindset and find a way to change the way you see things.

If you have staff working under you, someone is ready for more responsibilities. Find out who, and nurture that person.

Same for children, they are ready for their next growth.

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