2023 November Bazi

For the Earth Day Masters, November 2023 brings you an influx of Wealth energies. So be prepared for a busy month ahead. But it’s not about the number of hours you put in. It’s about the results you consistently produce. Within the energies of November 2023, lies a hidden opportunity to gain clarity in your goal-setting.

Without this clarity, you may find yourself swamped by a deluge of tasks – some of which may even serve to distract and divert you from your original goal. This lack of focus – distractions and competing priorities – is exactly what you can address in November 2023.

When Earth meets Water, mud ensues. This scenario suggests a lack of clarity which can make it difficult to set goals because it can be hard to identify what you want to achieve. When one lacks clarity, one may not have a clear understanding of your values, priorities, or strengths, all of which can make it difficult to set meaningful and achievable goals.

At the same time, unclear or vague goals can also impede your ability to identify what you need to do to achieve them, resulting in confusion and frustration. Therefore, let’s take the time in November 2023 to gain clarity about what you want to achieve and why. So that you can set goals that are aligned with your values and priorities, which in turn increases your chances of success.

To start, let’s first get a firm grasp on the lay of the land. Clarity of action begins with attaining a clear understanding of the situation at hand. Therefore, invest time to gather the information, seek feedback if you have to, so that you will be able to make quick decisions, prioritize and trouble-shoot effectively. It’s about gaining a strong understanding about the root cause of the obstacle in order to develop a clear plan of action that includes specific goals, timelines, and metrics for success.


2023 November Bazi

Wu Earth Day Masters will meet with your Direct Wealth in the Heavenly Stems of the November 2023 Bazi Chart. Since Direct Wealth is directly related to productivity, this is the month to prioritize, delegate, outsource, automate, use tools, and set boundaries – all in an effort to make sure that it’s the results that count, not the number of hours. Otherwise, you end up busy being busy… for nothing! (LLB!)


2023 November Bazi

For the Ji Earth Day Master, strategic planning is the name of the game in November 2023. Take the time to consider the long-term impact of your work and how it aligns with your medium- and long-term goals.


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